• September, 2014

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    The black birds are gathering on the lines and the geese are in V formation, which means the frost is soon to come.  Lack of heat this summer made it challenging for the corn, but our grain corn is looking good despite it all.We had the classifier early September and Malibu Shottle Traincar scored Ex.     Legacy Jasper Gabe was raised to VG 89 in her  2nd lactation.

    Malibu Sanchez Twinkle went VG in her first lactation.  This is sister to Topaz below.  Congrats to the Johnston’s in getting  Legacy Winbrook Sevannah VG 2 year old.

    Thomas Mayes had a wonderful night September 12 at the Perth Waterloo County Holstein Show when Legacy Windbrook Rosaline  won her class and was first 4H, then continued on to win Junior Champion.  Good for you Thomas!!!

    Verda Shottle Topaz VG89 won first Senior 3 year old class.

    Jordan’s business, Legacy Greens is harvesting full steam.  Visit the Stratford market late September and October and buy Kale, the super food from her.  The Prune Restaurant in Stratford was also serving some Legacy Greens bounty this fall.

    Enjoy the sunshine of Autumn.

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