• October 2013

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    This autumn season was one of change. We were excited to see Jordan move back to south western Ontario for a position as Deputy Clerk in a local municipality.  Welcome back.

    Perth County hosted the International Plowing match Sept 17-21.  Over 7,000 ice cream cones were scooped by volunteer dairy producers serving  100% Canadian Karwartha Lakes delicious ice cream.

    Despite the last day being cancelled due to five inches of rain, the match should make Perth county proud. Volunteers worked so hard to pull everything off successfully. Well done.

    September classification yielded a new Excellent cow (LEGACY SOVEREIGN EXTRAORDINARY) and one VGA two year old.

    The corn silage is in the bunkers, soybeans are off, winter wheat is growing, so there is just the high moisture corn left.  Yields of the crops were better than anticipated, as we had torrential rain in the spring. Not a bumper crop by any means though.

    Lack of sunshine is making our grapes ripen slowly.  Meg and Jordan are waiting for the grape jelly production line to happen. Perhaps this weekend….

    Have a great fall.
    Karen and Steve.
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