• May 2013

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    Spring has sprung and wheat and alfalfa are planted but not the corn. Got the manure out on Thursday but it rained 1 inch on Friday. Welcomed the drenching though. Corn will grow fast once the weather finishes its little snowy outburst tomorrow.


    The Holstein newsletter arrived with the following results on the Breeders Cup in Perth County. Congratulations to all!


    Our community is still lobbying our Liberal government against putting an Industrial Wind Turbine project near intensively farmed livestock operations.  Opposition to the Conestogo Wind Project is mounting and we will continue speaking out.  If you agree with our cause please educate our politicians.  They think that all of rural Ontario is one big pasture field – and are not considering intensive livestock businesses.


    The classifier comes at the end of the month.  Stay tuned for those results.




    Karen and Steve


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