• August 2013

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    Long time since the last post.

    Summer has flown by as usual but we just got the 3rd cut off and wheat combined last weekend.  Good timing since it rained today.

    The classifier comes in the next 2 weeks, so we are getting ready for that.  Cows to clip, etc…

    The most momentous event this past month was the “Roof Raising” for our 99 year old silo.  The original roof as been re-shingled once, but every wind storm bits and pieces were flying off of it and creating a hazard.  The time had come to make a decision and a new roof fit the bill.  Paul Verkley, a retired diary farmer and master craftsman took on the job.  The roof he created was beautiful and it garnered quite a deal of interest from the neighbours.

    On August 8 the crane arrived and lifted it to its new home.  Over 30 neighbours and friends gathered to toast the event.  Congrats to the old silo.  May the roof last another 99 years…..


    The wind turbine fight still continues.  Check out our Facebook page for current info.


    Until later,

    Karen and Steve


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