Purchased the farm in 1985

1985: farm purchased in Elma Township, Perth County which is the heart of dairy in Ontario.  Registered older cows were purchased throughout the year.  We started milking in old bank barn with 36 ties, two little kids and lots of energy. One of the first cows we purchased was rooted in Elma Township from John Vanderyk, Labora Astronaut Peggy VG.  Foundation animals from this family continued to do well in our herd.

1987:  Junior Champion at Perth Black and White Show in Stratford.

1998:  Malibu Holsteins started which is Scott and Jordan prefix

Scott and Jordan at the Listowel Fair, 1988

1999: Construction of a double 6 herringbone parlour and coverall with 72 freestalls.

2000:  New heifer and dry cow coverall barn to maximize cow comfort and be at home.

2002: First bulls entered Semex, sons of Legacy Rudolph Star, Legacy Sarazen and Style

2004: First homebred excellent cow

2006: Master Breeder Award

New Coverall, 1999

2007: Legacy Gibson Gillian won First Junior 2yr old at Perth Waterloo Black and White.  Patience Holsteins became partners in her that year. Scott graduated from University of Guelph with Bachelor of Commerce.

2008: Jordan graduated from University of Victoria with Bachelor of Science, Scott and Meg get married, Production Sale at Carsons.

2010: Second Legacy Sale to celebrate 25 years of dairy farming.  Out of the 2 sales five animals have gone Excellent and sold two privately to go on as Excellent.  This is the most satisfying part of the business, is to have animals do well in other dairy herds.

Legacy Gibson Gillian won First Junior 2yr old at Perth Waterloo Black and White

2011: Robot Lely A4 started in June.  Emphasis on free time and making life more flexible for us and our employees for the future.